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Planning a property renovation project? GIB® stopping plays a crucial part in the construction project. Plasterboard is crucial to give an impeccable finish to the walls. Therefore, it’s paramount to hire the right team for the same. Stopping Auckland provides professional GIB® stopping services to clients all across Auckland. With a team of reliable, experienced, qualified and professional GIB® stoppers Auckland, we aim to offer 100% customer satisfaction. Specialising in tackling GIB® stopping projects of all sizes, we deliver unparalleled results on time and within the budget. Not just that! Our clients love us because we pay attention to details and provide a superior finish at highly competitive rates.

We use top-quality products and our extensive knowledge when it comes to beautifying your home. We apply plaster coating to the GIB® board to cover imperfections and deliver a smooth surface. Our team of plasterboard experts are licensed, insured and certified to ensure high-quality Auckland GIB® stopping services. What’s more, we use sustainable practices and methods to deliver efficient results.

Whether you want to hide that crack in the wall or plaster from the ground up, we can do it all. Not just tall claims, we deliver what we promise. Don’t just take our word for it. Browse through our testimonials to see what our customers have to say about us.

Auckland Based GIB® stoppers

Stopping Auckland provides professional GIB® stopping services along with interior painting and exterior painting services to clients across Auckland. Our team of skilled GIB® stoppers specialise in high-level GIB® stopping to ensure quality work delivered within your budget.

Be it mending a few holes to stopping a kitchen, we apply plaster to the GIB® board and conceal the imperfections in no time. Being the leading renovation company in Auckland, we use only top quality products when working on your project. What’s more, we travel the extra mile to offer you an affordable service. We cut costs without cutting corners.

To ensure that the joints and screws are carefully concealed after plasterboard installation, we work hard to give your plasterboard a smooth finish. Our clients love us because we deliver excellence and keep them updated throughout the process.

Why Choose us for GIB® Stopping

Why should we be your top choice for GIB® stopping in Auckland cannot be summed up in a single reason. What tops the lot is the sheer hard work and commitment of our fully qualified and licensed GIB® stoppers. If you are based out of Auckland and need stopping done to your specific requirements, get in touch today!

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Fixing the interiors of plasterboard is known as GIB® stopping. The work is carried out by professionals that have extensive experience and knowledge. At Stopping Auckland, we offer quality gib stopping at affordable rates. Our team of reliable experts have served many happy customers across Auckland. Call now to get a free, no-obligation quote.

Plastering cost to the standard quality finish in New Zealand may vary from about $35 to $70 per square meter. However, the exact cost may depend on the thickness of the plasterboard and the professionals you hire for GIB® stopping.

Plaster stopping is a process that involves hanging plasterboards to the frame and then stopping. For quality plaster stopping in Auckland, contact us at Stopping Auckland.

The time taken to gib or replaster a house depends upon the size of the house and what areas need GIB® stopping. Call us now to discuss your requirements and hire us to give your home a lasting smooth finish.

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